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I am a very outgoing, generous, overly excited and a hyperactive free-thinker. I really love to write allot of fanfictions or journals on my favorite pairings, Neji Hyuga and Tenten! I also love to write poems (especially love-crazed, desperate or dying poem...TOTALLY out of my character)...lolz....I love everything and appreciate everything around me! I never criticize...I only give opinions, options, advice or choices...:)I never give up on my dreams and I'll never let anything get in the way of my dreams either! No matter what, I will get a hold of the star that runs my destiny! I'm determined and nothing can change that! :P I will let anyone in as long as I find them to be naturally who they are! I can socialize with almost everyone and I really love to cooperate with others! Although sometimes I might be overly-critical but most of the time I'm really nice and appreciative! I can really be stubborn at times but I'm generous enough to let that slide. :D that's about it! It's nice to be here, by the way...with people of all talents and people who know what art and words really is! ;D
and just lov-in everything!, dancing, fiction, naruto, painting, singing, sketching, stephen king