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Once upon a time-chapter 2

Name: Once upon a time

Chapter: 2

Pairing: Neji x Tenten DUH

Disclaimer: I DO NOT WON NARUTO! gosh...how many time do I have to say it!

Rated: T (just to be safe)

Her nervousness turns into pants and sighs. His shadows were gone, for now. She watched silently as he approached her blond sister. Her heart ached for the longest of moments, even if he was a very arrogant and prejudice Hyuga, he had caught her attention and not to mention her heart. She tenderly placed a shaking hand, still shocked from the experience before, on her womanly chest. She slowly lifted her paralyzed feet and walked towards the farm, little did he know Neji was still keeping an eye on her. The morning atmosphere soon altered into a hot afternoon. After the twin-bun red head had feed the chickens and petted the soft wool of her lambs, she headed towards her secrete and favorite spot. Her eyes glitter warmly as the river sparkled under the sun. She can see the tiniest of pebbles beneath the wavy blue and all the variety of fishes swimming so freely like how she wanted to be. Tenten looked around, afraid someone might be in the bushes or passing by. When her accurate eyes made sure that there is certainly no one by her secrete place, she took off her dirty blue dress, leaving only her white shorts and her also white tank top. She let the tip of her toe touched the surface of the water, making small rings appear.

“Here we go!” she jumped and a loud SPLASH echoed throughout the still forest. When she rose from beneath the crystal liquid urging for air, she saw him not far away. His lips curved teasingly, his arms crossed in front of his well-toned chest, his back against a tree which Tenten uses in her target practices and his eyes, OH MY GOD, those eyes almost drowned her and she know even if there was no water she would already be drowned. Afraid to get any closer (even if she was ten yards away) she stayed perfectly still, moving only her arms and legs to avoid sinking.

“You’re going to get sick Ms. Tenten” he finally said, after a minute long of awkward pause.

“It’s rather temperate, so I need not to worry about illness.” Tenten said, eyeing him clearly from where she is. Tenten had to smile seeing him so calm, he was incredibly and extremely gorgeous.

“The water is temperate as well?” he asked and walked to the edge of the river, where the rocky land met the clear waters.

“Yes, my lord, it is indeed very comforting…It’s the best place to swim actually” Tenten said, looking at him as he bend to gently touch the clear water. Oh how she wished it was her skin that he was touching. The way his fingers travel on top of the water made her mind go insane but she controlled her lust somehow.

“That does sound alluring” and with that he took off the golden medallions that hang heavily and opulently around his neck and waist. Then his costly silky clothing and Tenten gasped…flushed.

“Oh my goodness, your honor, this is no place-” but before she could protest against his unexpected actions, he had his body and head deep in the water. She looked everywhere, trying to find a masculine figure swimming under the apparent water but that didn’t help at all, as see-through as it is; he was no where to be located.

“Where the hell is that-” and she felt something grabbed her ankles, she screamed softly, one that can be herd a foot away. He got up from behind her and she shivered.

“Are you cold?” he asked.

‘DAMN! He must have seen me shake like an idiot!’ Tenten mentally stabbed herself on the head.

“No…non at all, your honor, I was just shocked.”

“Aa~” he made the gesture with his lips but no sound. Tenten knew that he wasn’t that dumb to be fooled.

“We better head back before they come and look for you…” Tenten said as she swims back to shore. She heard him chuckled but she shook it out; saying it must be him coughing or the likes.

“And you were saying about how nice it is to be out here?” Tenten rolled her eyes, he can be so arrogant.

“Well…it was like that till you came along” Tenten muttered. OUCH! That got to hurt. Tenten flinched; she can feel the pain deep in her heart.


“I’m sorry, my lord, I am certainly not myself today”

“If you are not fond of my very presence then speak now my lady and end this meaningless congregation.”

“But I do adore the time I get to spend with you, my lord-”

“Don’t let respect get in the way…I will never force…I am just fond with your ability to ignore me at times and find me resistible. It’s rare, you should know”

“It is indeed rare, my lord”

After that it was a pregnant pause. Neither spoke as they inched closer to the castle. She had already worn her blue dress and he hadn’t dressed fully which made Tenten flush every time she would turn to see him…just to make sure he’s following and he will smile when she turn around which made her flush even more. Neji found it fun to tease such a maiden so cruelly.

‘Well, she deserved it for disrespecting me.’ He thought as he continued to tease her.

They finally reached the same oak tree they first saw each other and Tenten couldn’t help but ask,

“My lord,” Tenten pouted and, oh, how he loved her lips when she does that, “If you found your way towards the lake, then doesn’t that mean you could have find your way back to the castle?”

“Young maiden,” his husky tone made the world rotates faster than it will ever and she felt like to melt right in his arms, but somehow she avoided that, “I knew the way…but you lost me when I saw you in the river, Tenten-Chan.”

‘SHIT! Why does he have to be so arrogant? Stop teasing me!’ Tenten thought as she froze in her spot, eyes widen and lips slightly open in shock. Neji smiled teasingly and used his thumb to touch her bottom lips for them to close and she gulped. It was actually hard for the Hyuga Neji to stop stare at it lustfully and concentrate on her eyes, but big mistake. He fell deeply in her earthly orbs.


“Yes my lord,”

Both their tone had turned to be husky, deep and filled with lust.


“Why, what my lord?”

“Why are you always-?”

‘On my mind’ Neji thought, he was afraid to speak the truth, ‘Even if we just met a minute ago. Is this-?’

‘Is this Love or just a normal crush?’ Tenten thought. His hands was still on her lips and their face inched closer and closer till the tip of their noses touched and both flinched and retreated.

“I’m sorry my lord,” Tenten kneeled on the grassy lot and Neji bend down to pat her shoulder,

“Don’t take it the wrong way, fair maiden, we were just lost”

Tenten had no courage to lift her head or the ability to stand. She stayed where she is and Neji smiled.

“Prince Neji-” Yuri stopped when she saw Neji with…


Tenten immediately stand, making Neji stubble idiotically,

“Yes Yuri-Sama?”

“My room needs to be clean, the kitchen needs to be scrubbed, the food need to be prepared, the hall, living room, and even attic need to be dust and lastly my clothes need to be arranged…please do so Tenten…I gave you too much rest” Yuri said it as innocent as her evil self can and Tenten rolled her eyes knowing it was disgusting and fake.

“Hai Yuri-Sama”

“Arrigato Tenten-Chan”

“Wait,” Neji stood and Yuri blushed at Neji’s nude and extremely strapping chest. “Are you going to let her do that all by herself?”

“Of course not my love,” Yuri went to hold Neji into her arms which he pushed her off in exchange.

“Well…she doesn’t need to do the chores because she has been helpful in showing me around and I’ll send some of my servants to do her part of work.” Neji patted Yuri’s head and she pouted deeply.


“Arrigato Neji-Sama” Tenten bowed respectfully and walked away from them.


Once upon a time-chapter 1

Name: once upon a time

Chapter: 1

Rated: PG14

Summary: A missing princess...a cruel replacement...an arrogant and proud prince...one chance, one couple, a problem, a solution and a stupendous ending.

pairing: Neji x Tenten DUH~

One by one the stars dashed across the horizon, lighting the dark before the moon creped from under the clouds. The shadow of night silently took her away after she created a new life from an old. He stroked the russet threads that lifelessly flown down her tan complexion. The beads of water seeped piecemeal from his ancient ogle which changed its direction to the new life that cried softly beside the motionless figure that produced this lovely thing. He gently clutched the tiny form and pressed it hard against his aching chest and heart, and his careworn hands trembled as it combed the mahogany that had already grown on her perfect head.

“My daughter, my only child and my heiress,” He spoke without a doubt and a firmness never to be found, “You will be granted with eternal blessing, indefinite knowledge, accuracy and such beauty that any eyes will fall for you and any kingdom will bow to you.” He swore he saw her smile and he will not repudiate what is true.

“I shall name you…Tenten”

_ _ 16 years later

“Tenten,” a malice voice called and commanded. The person ran carelessly through the large halls and into a much fine-furnished room.

“Like, what the hell took you that long Tenten” The curly golden locks from the princess fall as she shouted to the red-head who was apologizing. The room was painted bright yellow, long red curtains fly swiftly as the wind come to greet them, the carpet was hand-sown and the designs looks like it arrived from the middle east, maybe India. The malevolence in her eyes made Tenten’s gaze fiercer. The blond wore a tight pink dress, reaching to the ground; it was tight enough to squeeze her breast, making attractive cleavage disclose and Tenten grunted in disgust. The blond was sitting revoltingly on her red silky bed, it was round and large and shiny too.

“I’m sorry Yuri-Sama,” Tenten explained nervously, “I was feeding the farm animals and-”

“You came into my room after you feed those filthy animals!” she cut in quite angrily before Tenten could finish and her face was full with revulsion. “Just go away you filth!”

Tenten sighed and thank Kami-Sama that she can finally get the hell out of there and NOT kill that pathetic spoiled brat. Tenten looked at her form from the mirror on the hall. Her hair was tied in her usual twin buns which were equally balanced on her head, one on the right and the other on her left. Her dress was a dark glossy blue covered with mud. She wore tight black gloves and black boots, so the mud wouldn’t impede her footsteps and it would be easier to walk with, when you’re climbing on the edge of a mountain. Her mother and little sister would always send her on missions like that, wishing she would die and not come back but Tenten wasn’t going to let them win, she would come back alive and well.

“Life is life after all.” She finally said and sat on the edge of a river, looking at the sparkling water. Even if the sun had not completely risen from its sleep, its light had awakened and is excited to greet the world and its wonders. She couldn’t make out anything because of the thick blanket of mists lying across the eastern kingdom of Konoha.

“Father,” Tenten sighed but did not cry “Why have you forsaken me?” As the words escaped her lips, she heard a carriage from far off on the rode towards their castle.

“Visitors?” her fine eye brows furrowed in confusion, “Visitors at this hour…so early?” she jumped from her spot and waited behind an old oak tree until the luxurious cart parked in front of the castle entrance. The first man that stepped out was a man of about 40 years, Tenten can tell by his wrinkles and the stare that made her shiver. His clothing was much too classy for an average rich-ass; Tenten’s assumptions were that he was the king of the western kingdom of Konoha and oh boy oh boy was she damn right. Couple of minutes after the man was genially welcomed by her mother and sister who led him into the castle, a young lad exited. He had the strangest of eyes. From afar it looked blank but Tenten knew it was lavender and somewhat purly-peach. His face structures were flawless, truly a perfect crafted art from above. Tenten eyed him for a while, admiring him and his cool atmosphere. When she was about to go deep into thought he looked at her direction and in fast reflex, she hid behind the oak.

“Oh my,” Tenten claps her hands as if praying for him to stay put and not embarrassing her, for he was dressed so affluent and she was dressed very inadequate.

“And may I ask kind Ms, why are you hiding behind the oak tree” His voice was demanding and she gulped as a tingling sensation ran up and down her spine. She didn’t answer, she hoped it was a good idea but little did she know that the handsome prince did not like to be ignored or peeped at. She heard him inching closer,

“WAIT,” her heart skipped a thousand beats, “I’m sorry that I was peering at you with such disrespect my humble sir, but I had no intention of anything rude…I just wanted to discern who had come…with all due respect I protest against you from inching any closer.” Tenten couldn’t see the smirk that was plastered quite amusingly on his face.

“So you are staring dumb folded towards me Ms.”

“Why I never…” Tenten angrily replied, “Of all the things I do, that will be the most foolish.” Tenten can hear the rustling of the grass creeping closer towards her.

“please my lord,” she gulped nervously “I beg of you to stop what you’re doing…I’m just a simple maid, I do not influence such a prosperous man like you…I’m nothing, not even a distraction so please just leave me alone…it would be such a disgrace for you to see my face as I am now…I’m not one for beauty and grace my lord.”

“But your words held much wisdom and it amuse me to see a little brat talking in such rich tongues…who are your parents?” He leaned on the other side of the oak and Tenten could feel his heat radiating through her body.

“I do not know”

“I’m not obliged to believe that.” And he came in front of her, she gasped and his eyes widen for only a brief second, it was amazing how Tenten’s accurate eyes didn’t detect that.

“Prince Neji Hyuga!” Neji turned towards a blond who waved continuously at him.

“You should go my lord,” Neji looked at the beautiful creature before him, “my master would not be pleased if she sees you here…without her.” Tenten almost said ‘with me’ and he seemed to notice.

“Would she be jealous of us?” Neji smirked and Tenten looked down in shame.

“Do not play games my lord…I respect you in all that I can but these immature behavior is unacceptable especially when you’re talking about my master…my admiration for her is extremely high, so please do not say such things.”

“Of course,” he started to walk away from Tenten. “What is your name again?”

Tenten didn’t want to say it but something in her mind told her it’s a chance that she would never get.



_ _


_ _

I DO NOT and WILL NEVER EVER own any of the characters in this story...duh~ you should know that!